Custom Kitchen Design. Dreamed by you. Built by us. Quality that Endures.

A Personal Touch

One of the things that I found very important when designing a kitchen or bathroom for my clients is that I come out personally to their homes to get a feel for how they live, how they use their kitchen, how they would like their kitchen to be changed to make their life easier and to make sure that the design that they settle on will be what they had wanted. To do kitchen design just off measurements is very impersonal and does not necessarily help the client have a successful design. A lot of companies no longer will have that personal service but at Klassen Kitchens, unless your home is many miles away, you can be assured that our staff will be in your home to measure and make sure any design you want is going to work.

We have designed kitchens from Florida to North Dakota, Yellowknife to Toronto and anywhere in between, we personally have gone to make sure the designs will work. So if you are looking for help with your kitchen, you know you can count on Klassen Kitchens to make sure the design will work.

We Can Do It All

The Klassen Kitchens team worked on the kitchen, around fireplace, all vanities, walk-in closets, and all millwork on this lovely property in Winnipeg.


As our name suggests, kitchen designs and renovations make up the majority of our work. Our services include custom kitchen cabinets, floor plans, sustainable and personalized design, remodelling, laundry rooms, fitting and installation. The result is a truly unique kitchen that is perfectly fitted to your home. On top of that, as a result of doing our own manufacturing and developing long-term relationships with reliable tradespeople, we’re able to adhere to your project’s schedule and make sure your renovation is completed on time.


Our bathroom renovations follow the same custom process as our kitchen services, and we hold ourselves to the same high standards. This means careful and thorough work, unique and custom design, high-quality materials, experienced professionals, and a precise fitting and installation process that results in a stylish, functional bathroom perfectly suited to your home. We offer custom vanities and cabinets, personalized and sustainable design, remodelling, countertops, floor plans, fitting and installation.


We work on a variety of projects for home entertainment, including custom cabinets, TV stands and display systems, stereo equipment stands, bookshelves, custom geometric shelves, as well as a range of custom display and storage options. We’re always interested in taking on new projects and developing new ideas. Some recent examples of past projects have been a working art studio, custom closets, and custom display cases for the Royal Winnipeg Rifle Museum. If you can imagine it, we can work with you to design it and build it.


We offer remodelling and building services for home bars and custom wine cellars. Our services include custom design, manufacturing, finishing, installation and fitting. Like the rest of our services, we work with a large range of quality materials to ensure our clients get the results they want, however unique. For example, we’ve designed and produced bars with glass countertops and concealed LED lighting, as well as creating a bar with a base made entirely out of old hockey sticks holding up the counter.

“The word custom gets bandied around a lot, but we really are totally custom.”

Lorne Klassen – Owner, Klassen Kitchens

Our Custom Kitchen Design Process


Once you have a project in mind, we’ll make an appointment with our design team, give you a tour of our showroom, and review what you want your project to do for your home.

How We Design →


Whatever the arrangements, we’ll handle all the logistics to ensure every aspect of the job is handled smoothly and efficiently while adhering to the project timeline.

Let’s Get Together →


Our manufacturing facility is attached to our showroom, which means there’s an open flow of communication between our clients, design team and craftspeople. It’s one of the ways we ensure unique, personalized products that our clients will love.

Manufactured to Perfection →


We take just as much care fitting our custom products as we do designing and building them. Before we begin work in your home, we take a final set of measurements to ensure everything is fitted correctly. Then our team of experienced tradespeople begin the installation.

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