About Klassen Kitchens.

A history of quality workmanship.

Originally Jake Klassen’s Kitchen Gallery, Klassen Kitchens was founded more than 42 years ago when Jake Klassen noticed a niche market for re-modelling kitchens in people’s homes. When our company first started, we sourced cabinetry from outside companies, but economic changes in the late eighties and nineties meant that we could no longer acquire cabinets for a reasonable price, and that’s when one of our employees suggested we start making our own. Today, we’ve been manufacturing our own custom cabinetry and millwork for more than 25 years, and we’re proud to say we have the flexibility to make anything.

We’ve always been dedicated to serving clients in Winnipeg and throughout North America, but we’re also dedicated to serving our community. We offer discounted rates to non-profit organizations, community centres, churches, members of the clergy, and charitable organizations, as well as making donations when we can. We’re not sure where or when this mentality started, but it’s always been an important part of our company.

Looking forward, as the ownership of Klassen Kitchens transitions to Jake’s son, Lorne Klassen, we plan on continuing the consistent business practices and quality custom workmanship that has sustained us for more than four decades, while at the same time reaching out and developing new relationships with different communities throughout Winnipeg.

After 40 years in business we’re still inspired by every project we take on. We offer a truly custom approach to home renovations and design, and we can’t wait to show you what we can do for your home. Please contact us or visit our showroom to see what we have to offer.

Why I do what I do.

I, Lorne Klassen, have been brought up in the kitchen business. My father before me had a very successful kitchen cabinet company. We started up over 42 years ago selling other company’s cabinets. It soon became apparent to my father that our clients wanted something more custom. They didn’t want cabinets that were in 3 inch increments. Our clients wanted custom cabinetry. We then started our own cabinetry shop where anything is possible. From there our business has grown to be able to satisfy today’s needs in kitchen design. As I said earlier I was brought up in the kitchen business but I am not in this because I was brought up in it. One of my favourite things is to go into a home and sit down with a client and discuss what their needs are and design a kitchen that is meant for them only. I also love this is business because I am a person who loves to cook bbq and smoke meat. I have a genuine interest in how a kitchen should function for a home chef. I believe that this hobby of cooking helps me in creating a correct and functionally designed kitchen. I want my clients, when I am in their home, to feel that they have been heard and have not wasted their money on a new kitchen. I want them to love and use their new kitchen the way they had hoped to when they entered into this process. I am not into designing the perfect kitchen so that I can make a sale. More importantly I want to design a kitchen that makes my clients happy. Being able to make a living while doing that is a bonus.


“We are totally custom, so a client can literally come in and ask for whatever they want and we would be able to do it.”
Lorne Klassen – Owner, Klassen Kitchens