Our Expert Services.

Custom Services for Your Dream Project.

We offer custom services for all of our renovation and manufacturing projects, and our clients have the opportunity to provide input during every stage of their project. The result is kitchens, bathrooms, and custom products that combine functionality with unique and personalized style. We know we’re not the only company out there, but we believe our attention to detail, custom design process and quality workmanship truly set us apart in the home renovation industry.


Klassen Kitchens offers a comprehensive and collaborative design service, working with our clients from start to finish to make their renovation ideas a reality through our unique custom process. Our design team has more than 30 years of experience on a wide range of projects, and they are always staying up-to-date on design trends through industry partnerships, trade publications and independent research. Our design services include kitchens, bathrooms, custom cabinetry and millwork, home bars, entertainment centres, shelves, display cases, custom furniture, closets and more.


We take pride in the quality workmanship produced in our on-site facility, and we have access to an extensive range of materials that allow us to create whatever our clients imagine. We can potentially build out of any type of wood, and finish your project in any paint colour or stain. We also make a consistent effort to stay up-to-date on the latest improvements in manufacturing equipment in order to continue producing custom products as precisely and efficiently as possible. We co-ordinate with outside companies to order appliances, sinks and faucets, floors, and granite or quartz countertops, and we’re always happy to work with any company our clients choose.

Fitting and Installation

Before beginning any installation, we re-measure your space to ensure everything is the right size for your home. A kitchen installation usually takes between five and six weeks, while a bathroom takes six to eight. We take pride in making sure everything is perfectly fitted the first time. We also co-ordinate the entire installation process, using reliable, consistent trade professionals we can trust to adhere to our timelines so a project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Book a Complementary Call

We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients. A Klassen Kitchens project is truly a collaboration from start to finish. If you can imagine it, we can design it, build it, install it, and guarantee its quality! Come visit our showroom and get inspired. Or bring in pictures or magazines that reflect a design that you love. Our design team will strive to understand your vision, and will gladly prepare a design proposal for your consideration.


We create truly unique kitchens that perfectly fit your home. Our services include custom kitchen cabinets, floor plans, sustainable and personalized design, remodelling, laundry rooms, fitting and installation. Since we do our own manufacturing and develop long-term relationships with reliable tradespeople, we can adhere to your project’s schedule.


Our bathroom renovations follow the same custom process and high standards as our kitchen services. Careful and thorough work, unique and custom design, high-quality materials, experienced professionals, and a precise fitting and installation process that results in a stylish, functional bathroom perfectly suited to your home.


We work on a variety of projects for home entertainment, including custom cabinets, TV stands and display systems, stereo equipment stands, bookshelves, custom geometric shelves, and a range of custom display and storage options. If you can imagine it, we can work with you to design it and build it.


We offer remodelling and building services for home bars and custom wine cellars. Our services include custom design, manufacturing, finishing, installation and fitting. Like the rest of our services, we work with a large range of quality materials to ensure our clients get the results they want, however unique.