Our Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design Process.

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Our custom kitchen design process starts with our clients’ ideas and vision for their home project. We work with you to create a personalized design that suits your needs and style, and then we make that design a reality through custom manufacturing and a careful, thorough installation.


Once you have a project in mind, we’ll make an appointment with our design team, give you a tour of our showroom, and review what you want your project to do for your home. Next, our design team will arrange a convenient time to visit your home, get a sense of the space and take precise measurements. When we fully understand your vision, your needs and your space, we’ll create a preliminary design and send it back to you for your feedback. The design will then go back and forth until you’re completely satisfied.


Once the design is approved, we’ll come up with a pricing and co-ordinate with a contractor to create a timeline and an official contract. Klassen Kitchens works with a network of professionals in the home renovation industry, but we’re also happy to co-ordinate with contractors and tradespeople of our clients’ choosing. Whatever the arrangements, we’ll handle all the logistics to ensure every aspect of the job is handled smoothly and efficiently while adhering to the project timeline.


The next step is converting the design plan into quality, custom products. Klassen Kitchens has a team of master craftspeople with decades of experience who do all of our manufacturing and finishing. Our manufacturing facility is attached to our showroom, which means there’s an open flow of communication between our clients, design team and craftspeople. It’s one of the ways we ensure unique, personalized products that our clients will love. We also have access to a huge variety of materials to ensure your design turns out exactly as you imagined.


We take just as much care fitting our custom products as we do designing and building them. Before we begin work in your home, we take a final set of measurements to ensure everything is fitted correctly. Then our team of experienced tradespeople begin the installation. A kitchen installation usually takes between five and six weeks, while a bathroom takes about six to eight. We pride ourselves on doing a thorough job the first time so we don’t have to inconvenience our clients afterwards with unnecessary adjustments.

“We are totally custom, so a client can literally come in and ask for whatever they want and we would be able to do it.”

Lorne Klassen – Owner, Klassen Kitchens

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At Klassen Kitchens, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our clients. A Klassen Kitchens project is truly a collaboration from start to finish. If you can imagine it, we can design it, build it, install it, and guarantee its quality!

Come visit our showroom and get inspired. Or bring in pictures or magazines that reflect a design that you love. Our design team will strive to understand your vision, and will gladly prepare a design proposal for your consideration.